MOLICEL 21700 P42A 4000mAh 45A Battery



MOLICEL 21700 P42A 4000MAH BATTERY is one of the best batteries available!
The Molicel P42A is an incredible performing 21700 which hits harder and runs for longer than the Samsung 40T. It even competes with the Samsung 30T at 30A. The 30T hits harder for about the first third of the discharge but then the P42A holds its voltage up better for the rest of the discharge.

    However, if you use a unregulated mechanical device and you change batteries early then the Samsung 30T is the better choice because it hits harder at the start. But if you run your batteries down to 3.5V-3.6V (when put on the charger), and wanted a slightly more consistent vape that could run for longer, then the P42A is worth trying.

      Note: The P42A are a bit larger than the Samsung 30T and 40T and might not fit in a device where the Samsung’s are already a snug fit.

        The P42A is our choice for best all-around performing battery of any size, and best choice for a regulated device for use from about 40W-90W each (80W-180W in a dual battery application). Below that there are ultra-high capacity battery like the Samsung 50E2 that are a better choice. At above 90W each or so the Samsung 30T is the recommended choice, also for all mechanical electrical (Mech Mods) applications.

          Main Features & Specifications (Molicel Datasheet)

            What's in the Box?

            • 1 x Molicel 21700 P42A 4000mAh 45A Battery


              WARNING! General Battery Safety

              Battery safety is very important. Mistreated batteries can get extremely hot and/or vent which could cause injury. Always follow the following rules to make sure this doesn't happen. We are not liable for mistreated batteries.

              • Download "Safety of Lithium-Ion Batteries" document
              • Never completely discharge batteries (below 2.5V under load or 3V unloaded)
              • Charge fully (to 4.2V) before first use
              • Never use a lot of force on the battery to install
              • Use only high quality battery chargers
              • Do not expose to heat
              • Do not connect the positive contact to the negative contact without an appropriate load
              • Be mindful of the current limits in the specification and never exceed them
              • Never keep a spare battery loose in a pocket, purse, etc. Always use protective cases for loose batteries. If it shorts against a piece of metal it can be very dangerous.
              • Never charge battery 4.3V or above
              • Do not charge unattended
              • Do not store your li-ion batteries fully charged for an extended period of time (weeks or more)
              • If you must store battery then do it in a case or individual box in cool and dry place at approximately 3.6V - 3.7V
              • Never try to charge or discharge li-ion batteries with battery chargers that are not made for Li-ion batteries. 

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