Redback Fruits | 100mL from $22.50

Redback Juice Co is the love child of three vapers who believe that the traditional way is the best way. Classic flavours and surprising twists come together in our mighty fine collection of quality e-liquids.

    Just like your favourite shirt, hairstyle or cocktail, we believe that your vape should complement your lifestyle and so we designed a traditional juice brand for like-minded ladies and gents. For lip-smacking flavours with a whole heap of style, choose Redback – the all new traditional e-liquid range by Redback Juice Co. 
    • Redback Mango Dragonfruit E-Liquid Redback REDBACK Fruits Mango Dragonfruit E-Liquid Out of stock
    • Redback Fruits E-Liquid Sample Pack 2 Redback REDBACK FRUITS E-Liquid Sample Pack $27.00
    • Redback Starfruit Watermelon E-Liquid Redback REDBACK Fruits Starfruit Watermelon E-Liquid $37.50
    • Redback Blood Orange Passionfruit Guava E-Liquid Redback REDBACK Fruits Blood Orange Passionfruit Guava E-Liquid $37.50
    • Redback Blue Raspberry E-Liquid Redback REDBACK Fruits Blue Raspberry E-Liquid $37.50
    • Redback Grape Black & Blueberry E-Liquid Redback REDBACK Fruits Grape Black & Blueberry E-Liquid $37.50
    • Redback Fruits Apple Pomegranate E-Liquid Redback REDBACK Fruits Apple Pomegranate E-Liquid $37.50

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