About Us

Here at VaporState we are committed to providing individuals the latest quality Vaping devices (E-Cigarettes) & E-Liquid (E-Juice) sourced directly from professional certified manufacturers. We stock a comprehensive range of products from the most basic eGo-T 650mAh iClear 16D Starter Kit ($35.95, "a pack of smokes"), to our top of the range Snow Wolf 200W Temp Control Device & Advken Mad Hatter RDA "Cloud Chaser" combo.

We are passionate about the Vaping industry and believe in the benefits our devices bring to quitting Tobacco smoking forever and living a healthier, happier life! Although officially not recognised as a tobacco cessation aid, thousands of Australians each week are finding "Vaping" to be the most successful method after trying numerous other NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) options. Not only this, "Vaping" is by far, cheaper than other government "endorsed" NRT methods but more importantly allows you to enjoy the habit of 'puffing a harmless cloud' without the nasty chemical laden smoke annoying others close by.
Importantly, because the vaping hardware utilises an 'Open Tank System' you have the power to choose the flavour, whether that be a tobacco, fruit, drink, dessert or confectionary, we stock over 55 flavours! Once you get started "Vaping" you'll find yourself experimenting with mixing flavours such has a tobacco with a few drops of vanilla or maybe Banana & Chocolate. The combinations are almost endless, you will only then, really begin to understand why our company tagline is "Taste The Technology".
So start enjoying the benefits of "Vaping" today, millions of "Vapers" around the world can't be wrong.


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