CLOUDED VISIONS Cooling Additive (WS-23) E-Liquid

Clouded Visions


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CLOUDED VISIONS COOLING ADDITIVE (WS-23) when added to any e-liquid the effect will be a 'cooling' effect on inhale without any change to the actual flavour profile. However, do not be too heavy handed when adding, 1% will give a moderate cooling effect much like a cold soft drink can straight out of the fridge. 3% will give a 'frozen' or 'sub-zero' effect much like a slushy or frozen drink.

General Info & Specifications

  • Flavour Profile: None
  • Cooling Effect: Yes
  • Blend Ratio: 1% Moderate (Refreshing) / 3% High (Sub Zero)
  • Bottle Size: 30mL
  • All Clouded Visions e-Liquid products DO NOT contain nicotine (0mg), in compliance with Australian Federal Law.

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