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RDA’s are known to produce the best flavour. Sadly, you cannot fill them like a tank, and you have to constantly keep an eye on the cotton and the juice left in it, so you do not get a dry hit. Now, UD Youde have released a unique tank that combines the advantages of the RDA but with the convenience of an RTA.

The Youde Bellus works like a classic RTA, but at the same time it combines important elements of the traditional RDA. First of all, it has huge airflow consisting of 32 1.2 mm holes (16 on each side). Airflow is similar to that of an RDA, thanks to it being next to the coils and also in part to the unique spiral airflow design. The Youde Bellus not only creates huge amounts of thick vapour, but also produces amazing flavour only comparable to the better RDA’s on the market.

Another great feature of the Youde Bellus is the ability to access your build deck without the need to drain your tank. You simply unscrew the bottom part of Bellus tank and pull the deck with coils out. Once out the deck has two posts, allowing you to build single coil. Now you’d be thinking how do you place all this back in making sure the cotton will wick correctly? Good question, you do not need to deal with the cotton yourself as it will position itself in the channels as you place the build deck back in the tank.

Another huge advantage of Youde Bellus is the ability to completely take it apart, and the generous accessories and replacement components that are supplied in the kit. Top filling is also very convenient and simple, just unscrew the upper part and refill the e-liquid in one of the two holes.

The unique combination of RTA and RDA combines the best of both systems, plus top performance, capacity up to 5ml and unbeatable flavour production makes the Youde Bellus tank one of the best in its category.

Features & Specifications

- 32 Air Holes (16 Each Side)

- Dual Post Design for Single Coil Build

- Adjustable 510 Centre Pin

- Capacity: 5ml

- Thread: 510

- Stainless Steel & Pyrex Material

- Dimensions: 22 x 56.5mm

Kit Contents

- 1 x Youde Bellus Tank

- 1 x Replacement Pyrex Body

- 1 x Japanese Cotton

- 2 x Pre-Built Coils (26AWG)

- 1 x Insulation Silicon Sleeve

- 1 x Red Silicone Adaptor

- 4 x Black O-rings for Drip Tip

- 2 x Red Silicone Seal Rings

- 1 x Cross Round Head Screw

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