WOTOFO Xfiber Vape Cotton (10pk)



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WOTOFO XFIBER WICKING COTTON is a 100% pure organic product designed for both traditional and mesh wire applications. Xfiber cotton does not contain chemicals, pesticides or natural oils and is super absorbent giving you consistent moist hits with plenty of warning prior to drying out.

WoToFo Xfiber also has a high heat resistance making it long lasting and excellent properties against burning and discolouring. The use of Xfiber cotton will enhance greatly every aspect of rebuilding RDA’s and RTA’s no matter the Brand of hardware.
  • Main Features & Specifications
    • Electro Cleaned
    • Healthy Purification Process
    • 100% Pure Organic Cotton
    • Shoelace Design for Easy Wicking
    • High Heat Resistance to Burning
    • Long, Strong Fibres
    • Long Lasting, Highly Absorbant
    • Unbleached & Pesticide Free
    • No "Break-In Period" Required
    • 100% Tasteless Wick
    • User-friendly 10 pack in re-sealing travel-size package

  • Contents List
    • 10 x WoToFo Xfiber Wicking Cotton Strips

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