HELLVAPE Wirice Launcher Tank



THE HELLVAPE WIRICE LAUNCHER TANK is the most innovative for 2020, produced by well known manufacturer Hellvape, for Wirice.
The Launcher is a total game changer, with the innovative S.I.L System (Slide-In-Loading), installation and removal of the coil is easier than ever, even with a full tank of juice!
Another important benefit to the Launcher S.I.L coil change system is a truly mess free method when removing and installing your W8 series mesh coil heads.
Additionally, with no requirement to dismantle the structure, or body of the tank, there's less chance of damaging important o-ring seals or worse, breaking the pyrex glass tube.
Importantly, the Wirice Launcher comes supplied with a pair of very high quality mesh coils delivering outstanding flavour and superior longevity of 3-4 weeks. The W8 Series coil design incorporates the industry preferred 'honeycomb' mesh, huge wicking ports, dual o-ring seals plus the very best in organic cotton for purer flavour.
Further to this, Wirice W8 series mesh coils are well priced, a replacement 3 pack can be purchased for as little as $16. So, expect to save big $$$ over time vaping the Launcher with replacement coil heads at this price point, great quality for an extremely good price.
Launcher is constructed from high grade durable 304 Stainless-Steel material and uses toughened Pyrex glass with high temp silicone seals maximising longevity and durability. Launcher also incorporates a fully adjustable airflow design from wide open DTL style, or the ability to restrict for a lower wattage loose MTL experience. Importantly the airflow intake slots are positioned slightly higher to the base of the coil giving you assurance of leak free operation.
Launcher is supplied with two tank glass options, a traditional 4mL straight tube and the bigger 5mL capacity 'Fat Boy' bubble shape.
Furthermore the Launcher is simple to disassemble so all components can be cleaned, and easily re-assembled if required.
Launcher is fitted with high quality AG+Resin based drip tip assuring user comfort, Wirice also offer a large optional colour selection available here.

In conclusion, the Wirice Launcher a ultra relaible, trouble free, easy to maintain, and very user friendly in day to day use. Launcher is perfectly suited as a mid power range tank best suited between 40-70W, it truly delivers outstanding flavour, fantastic vapour production and impressive coil longevity. The Wirice Launcher is a wonderful vaping experience and we highly recommend it. 

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Main Features & Specifications

  • Perfect Mid Power Range Tank
    • 40-70W Range Ideal
  • Innovative Quick Change Coil System
    • SIL System (Slide-In-Loading)
    • Coil Change with Full Tank Juice (Load n Go)
    • No Need to Dismantle Tank
  • W8 Series Mesh Coil
    • Honeycomb Mesh Design
    • Stunning Flavour
    • Great Vapour Production
    • Huge Wicking Ports
    • Organic Cotton
  • Bottom Adjustable Airflow System
    • Silky Smooth Inhale
  • Top Fill Design
    • Secure 'Screw-On' Design
      • WILL NOT self open during daily use
    • Easy Open
      • Knurled Top Cap
    • Easy Fill
      • Two Kidney Shaped Fill Ports
    • No Mess
  • Liquid Capacity
    • Straight Glass: 4mL
    • Fat Boy Glass: 5mL
  • Coil Type: W8 Series
  • Coil Variants
    • W801
      • 0.15ohm
      • 50~70W
    • W802
      • 0.21ohm
      • 40~60W
  • Drip Tip: 810A
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 49.5mm (including drip tip & 510 connector)
    • Diameter:
      • Body: 26.5
      • Bevelled Base: 25mm


What's in the Box?

  • 1 x Launcher Tank
  • 1 x W801 0.15ohm Mesh Coil Head (pre-installed)
  • 1 x W802 0.21ohm Mesh Coil Head
  • 1 x 4mL Tank Glass (pre-installed)
  • 1 x 5mL Tank Glass
  • 1 x Spare Parts Kit
  • 1 x User Manual


    Click here or on image above for the full detailed review by Vapers Garage


    Replacement Parts


      • 3 Months replacement (excluding coil heads & glass)


      • Always 'prime' coil with e-liquid prior to use. 5 minute 'prime & sit' time recommended. Failure to do so may lead to the cotton being burnt within the coil head, this will lead to an unpleasant 'burnt' taste making the coil head unfit for use.
      • Thoroughly dismantle, clean and inspect all tank components for wear, faults or replacement of rubber O-rings and or seals. Failure to do so may cause the newly installed coil head to not work correctly and may even damage preventing further use.
      • Do not attempt to clean used coil heads with water, this will lead to the coil wire rusting and should be strongly avoided. However, if the coil head needs to be 'freshened' due to a change in e-liquid flavour then we recommend the use of isopropyl Cleaning Alcohol. Simply submerge coil head in a small cap full of isopropyl and lightly agitate and even use an old toothbrush to gentle clean away any contaminants. CAUTION: Allow the coil head to FULLY DRY in a shaded dry area before use.

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