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Cotton Bacon by Wick 'N' Vape is the first cotton engineered by vapers for vapers and it's widely believed to be the cleanest tasting cotton for an enhanced, superior flavour.

Free from pesticides and chemicals, it's extremely absorbent and heat resistant. Version 2 Cotton Bacon has undergone extra processing to eliminate all natural cotton oils. It is completely tasteless, has no break-in period and is a little more absorbent and heat resistant than V1 Cotton Bacon and many other cotton wicking material.

The Main Features
  • U.S. grown dual fibre for optimal wicking and heat resistance
  • GMP certified, traceable, medical grade 100% cotton
  • 4in length, heavy body, easy-to-use bacon strips
  • No break-in. 100% tasteless wick
  • User-friendly, re-sealable travel-size package

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