VAPORSTATE Plastic E-Liquid Injector Syringe



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Our PVC syringe range are commonly used for a number of important little tasks you might find yourself doing. This includes filling small tanks more accurately, maybe even mixing your own flavour concentrates together with pinpoint accuracy to come up with some yummy flavours to enjoy.
All syringes are sterilised once manufactured then placed into a sturdy sanitary plastic bag to ensure they are ready to use with confidence straight out of the bag. Although they are classed as a disposable syringe, if sterilised after each use with common accepted methods you can re-use numerous times giving you good value for money.
Our syringes are all supplied with the correct 'fit for purpose' blunt tip with bigger 18g needle bore allowing for better fluid flow even with the thickest VG juice mix you'll have to deal with. However they are still supplied with a protective cap for both safety and hygiene reasons, very handy product to have a few in your vape tool kit/bag/cupboard.

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