VAPORSTATE ACC222 810-510 Drip Tip Adaptor



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THE VAPORSTATE ACC222 810-510 DELRIN DRIP TIP ADAPTOR provides the ability to utilise the smaller sized 510 drip tips into 810 size tanks. This adaptor is generally purchased if the user finds the original 810 drip tip supplied with their tank to large in diameter, preferring a smaller 'cross section'.

Before ordering we recommend you double check the sealing o-ring placement is within the tank recess and NOT located on the actual drip tip, if located on drip tip use adaptor ACC214

  • Model: ACC222
  • Material:
    • Delrin
  • Pattern:
    • None
  • Anti Spit Back Guard:
    • No
  • Compatibility
    • 810-510 Size
    • O-Ring Located in Drip Tip Tank Recess
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 
    • Bore: 
    • OD: 
  • Our Drip Tips are packaged in a individual hygiene sealed plastic bag that assures you a clean unspoiled product, however we do recommend a rinse before first.