VAPORSTATE 20700/21700 Battery Wrap


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Rejuvenate your 20700/21700 batteries with these comical battery insulation wraps. They're thermo-shrinking sleeves in PVC which are pre-cut to specifically suit these size batteries.

They're easily shrunk into place around the battery with the help of a hair-dryer (heat gun recommended). The wraps are essential for the security of your battery, once the old wrap of your battery has become deteriorated. 

How Do I Re-Wrap Batteries?

The Technical Stuff

  • Compatibility
    • 20700
    • 21700
  • Perfect for replacing existing damaged PVC wrap
  • Adds extra protection
  • Improves looks and uniformity to your battery collection
  • Easily applied with
    • Heat gun (recommended)
    • Hair dryer will suffice
  • Dimensions:
  • Sold per each wrap (mix & max)

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