VAPORSTATE 20700/21700 Battery Wrap



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Rejuvenate your 20700/21700 batteries with these comical battery insulation wraps. They're thermo-shrinking sleeves in PVC which are pre-cut to specifically suit these size batteries.

They're easily shrunk into place around the battery with the help of a hair-dryer (heat gun recommended). The wraps are essential for the security of your battery, once the old wrap of your battery has become deteriorated. 

Let you battery burst out of the boredom and be a Hero!

How Do I Re-Wrap Batteries?

The Technical Stuff

  • Compatibility
    • 20700
    • 21700
  • Perfect for replacing existing damaged PVC wrap
  • Adds extra protection
  • Improves looks and uniformity to your battery collection
  • Easily applied with
    • Heat gun (recommended)
    • Hair dryer will suffice
  • Dimensions:
  • Sold per each wrap (mix & max)

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