SONY 18650 VTC6 3000mAh 30A Battery


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100% Genuine Sony NMC 18650 VTC6 3000mAh 15A battery, also known as the VTC6, is considered to be a great competitor to the LG HG2 and Samsung 30Q.

However, be sure you're supplied the actual authentic product when purchasing this product as there are many counterfeits circulating within the enormous international market. To compound the problem these counterfeits are extremely difficult to identify without removing the actual battery wrap with the majority not meeting original specifications thus making them dangerous to use in any application. We guaranteed the product to be genuine because we only source from known trusted suppliers, you should do the same with this type of product.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Model: US18650VTC6
  • Manufacturer: Sony Energy Devices Corp.
  • Country of Origin: Japan (Koriyama Plant)
  • Chemistry: NMC
  • Maximum Discharge Current:
    • Continuous (with 80 degree cut-off): 15A
    • Pulse (without 80 degree cut-off): 30A
  • Capacity:
    • Rated: 3000mAh
    • Nominal: 3120mAh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6 V
  • Discharge End Voltage: 2.5 V
  • Charging Voltage: 4.20 +/- 0.05 V
  • Standard Charging Current: 2.0A
  • Length: 65.00 mm
  • Diameter: 18.35 mm
  • Weight: 46.8g
  • Official Sony Test Report & Data Sheet

    Sony Energy Devices Corporation Disclaimer

    The use of any Sony lithium ion rechargeable battery cell as a stand-alone product, including with e-cigarettes, vaporizer pens, and other products, constitutes a DANGEROUS misuse of the battery cells that poses a SERIOUS risk of personal injury or property damage. Sony does NOT approve using them in this application. These battery cells should only be used with necessary enclosures and protection circuitry to enable safe usage of the battery cells.

    General Battery Safety

    Download "Safety of Lithium-Ion Batteries" document

    Battery safety is very important. Mistreated batteries can get extremely hot and/or vent which could cause injury. Always follow the following rules to make sure this doesn't happen. We are not liable for mistreated batteries.

    • Never completely discharge batteries (below 2.5V under load or 3V unloaded)
    • Charge fully (to 4.2V) before first use
    • Never use a lot of force on the battery to install
    • Use only high quality battery chargers
    • Do not expose to heat
    • Do not connect the positive contact to the negative contact without an appropriate load
    • Be mindful of the current limits in the specification and never exceed them
    • Never keep a spare battery loose in a pocket, purse, etc. Always use protective cases for loose batteries. If it shorts against a piece of metal it can be very dangerous.
    • Never charge battery 4.3V or above
    • Do not charge unattended
    • Do not store your li-ion batteries fully charged for an extended period of time (weeks or more)
    • If you must store battery then do it in a case or individual box in cool and dry place at approximately 3.6V - 3.7V
    • Never try to charge or discharge li-ion batteries with battery chargers that are not made for Li-ion batteries. 

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