Prebuilt Super Juggernaut Cloud Coil (10pk)



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The VaporState Prebuilt Cloud Coil offers a convenient way to produce accurate and awesome looking builds, not to mention epic Cloud (Vapour) Mass from your favourite RDA's & RTA's if used correctly.

Additionally there is no wastage with only basic tools required but we recommend you purchase a quality Coil Tool Kit.

Unlike most other pre-built coils on the market, the VaporState Pre-Made Cloud Coils have a larger inside diameter loop or 'wrap' allowing for a thicker cotton wick that will hold more juice thus having the ability to produce outstanding Clouds.

To achieve the maximum results we highly recommend the use of a high quality specialty 'Vape Cotton'. Generally considered the best in the market by advanced users, Cotton Bacon has impressive capabilities to absorb and retain more juice for longer. 

The results achieved by using these professionally made Cloud Coil Wires is staggering, only a uniformly, precisely machined techinque can achieve.

(picture for display purposes only and represents packaging accurately)

Lastly, each VaporState Pre-Built Cloud Coil Wire type is neatly packaged in a compact and durable plastic jar containing 10 pieces costing on average $1 per coil wire representing incredible value as well.

What's in the Box?

  • 10 x Prebuilt coil
  • 1 x Plastic protective storage jar

Images Credit to Bravo Photography (Perth, WA)

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