LOST VAPE UB Max Coil Head (3pk)

Lost Vape



  • LOST VAPE Centaurus Sub Ohm Tank
  • LOST VAPE UB Max Pod Tank
    • UB Max Pod Tank TOP SECTION can be used in Centaurus Q80 if these bigger UB Max coils are preferred over the standard UB Ultra V3 coil heads.
  • LOST VAPE Centaurus Quest Q200 Kit

Main Features & Specifications

  • X1
    • Structure: Single Coil
    • Wire Material: NI80
    • Resistance: 0.15ohm
    • Wattage Range: 80~120W
  • X2
    • Structure: Single Coil
    • Wire Material: Ni80
    • Resistance: 0.2ohm
    • Wattage Range: 60~80W
  • X3
    • Structure: Single Coil
    • Wire Material: Ni80
    • Resistance: 0.3ohm
    • Wattage Range: 40~60W


What's in the Box?

  • 3 x UB Max Coil Head
  • Always 'prime' coil with e-liquid prior to use. 5 minute 'prime & sit' time recommended. Failure to do so may lead to the cotton being burnt within the coil head, this will lead to an unpleasant 'burnt' taste making the coil head unfit for use.
  • Thoroughly dismantle, clean and inspect all tank components for wear, faults or replacement of rubber O-rings and or seals. Failure to do so may cause the newly installed coil head to not work correctly and may even damage preventing further use.
  • Do not attempt to clean used coil heads with water, this will lead to the coil wire rusting and should be strongly avoided. However, if the coil head needs to be 'freshened' due to a change in e-liquid flavour then we recommend the use of isopropyl Cleaning Alcohol. Simply submerge coil head in a small cap full of isopropyl and lightly agitate and even use an old toothbrush to gentle clean away any contaminants. CAUTION: Allow the coil head to FULLY DRY in a shaded dry area before use.