HOOTS Grapist



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HOOTS GRAPIST is a strong, sweet, candied grape flavour with a little fizz to make it great. If you love Grape then Grapist is the greatest.

    General Info & Specifications
    • Flavour Profile: Grape | Candy | Fizz
    • Cooling Effect: No
    • Bottle Size: 60mL
    • Blend Ratio: 70% VG - 30% PG
    • High Quality & Competitive Pricing
    • Blended & Bottled: Perth, Western Australia
    • Authentic USA Designed Chubby Gorilla Bottle
    • VG & PG Certified British Pharmaceutical Grade (BP Grade)
    • 99.9% Purity Glycerine (Vegetable Glycerine/VG)
    • 99.9% Purity Propylene Glycol (PG)
    • Natural and/or Artificial Food Grade Flavourings
    • All Hoots Premium Blends e-liquid products DO NOT contain nicotine (0mg), in compliance with Australian Federal & State Laws.

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