GOLISI Needle4 Battery Charger



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THE GOLISI NEEDLE4 INTELLIGENT USB CHARGER with the four battery slots is a compact and practical mini charger which utilises a USB power port to charge 4 cylindrical rechargeable batteries of lengths ranging from 32mm to 70mm. What's more, the Needle4 is compatible with almost all types of cylinder shaped rechargeable batteries sch as 18350, 18650, 20700, 21700 and 26650 with 0.5A output current.

The Golisi Needle4 also features LED light indicators displaying charging situation, plus numerous safety protections such as Short Circuit, Over-Current, Reverse Connection and Over-Heat to bring you a safe and simple experience.

Further more, the Needle4 is constructed of military grade materials with a smooth action loading spring, plus fireproof case ensures the Needle2 has a long cycle life.

Main Features & Specifications:

  • Compact. Needle4 is only 100x90mm
  • Military-grade quality loading spring, fireproof case
  • Portable. Needle4 utilises 5V/1A USB power port input (adaptor not included), which allows charging at more occasions
  • High compatible. Needle 4 works with rechargeable batteries of length ranging from 32-70mm
  • Revolutionary updated of IMR batteries
  • Automatically cease charging when batteries are full
  • Against backward installation, auto temperature control
  • Tested safe under extreme lab environment
  • Portable, Simple and Safe
  • Colours:
    • Black
  • USB Ports:
    • Power input at DC 5V / 2A
    • With or without an adaptor (adaptor is not included)
  • Output Current: 0.5A
  • Safety Protections:
    • Short Circuit
    • Over-Current
    • Reverse Connection
    • Over-Heat
  • Case Materials:
    • ABS
    • PC
    • Fireproof
  • Battery Compatibility:
    • Li-ion
      • 18350
      • 18650
      • 20700
      • 21700
      • 26650
    • Ni-Mh
    • Ni-Cd
    • AAA
    • AA
    • Almost all types of cylinder shape rechargeable batteries

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