FERRUM CITY Poured E-Liquid

Ferrum City


FERRUM CITY POURED is an American carnival food classic, funnel cake (like strips of fresh hot donuts woven together). Topped with decadent vanilla whipped cream, and sprinkled with cinnamon, and sugar. In creating this flavour, Ferrum City went to great lengths to capture the crispy brown exterior as well as its light, airy interior.

General Info & Specifications

  • Flavour Profile: Funnel Cake (Donut Strips) | Whipped Cream | Cinnamon | Vanilla  
  • Cooling Effect: No
  • Bottle Size:
    • 120mL Bottle
    • 100mL Short Filled
  • Blend Ratio: 80% VG - 20% PG
  • Natural and/or Artificial Food Grade Flavourings
  • Blended & Bottled: Ferrum City Liquids
  • Origin: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
  • Batch Numbers: Yes
  • Expiry Dates: Yes
  • High Quality & Competitive Pricing
  • All Ferrum City e-liquid products DO NOT contain nicotine (0mg), in compliance with Australian Federal Law.

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