iStick 20W Silicone Case


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Protect your iStick 20W from scratches & knocks with these very inexpensive and very useful silicone protective sleeves. They have a snug fit and once placed on your device will not move or slip off, it really does become a second skin. Additionally, the non slip texture of the silicone gives you a far better 'feel' in the hand that is slightly grippy but not overly to be annoying.

As standard the iStick range is only supplied in 4 colours, Black, Silver, Blue and Red. Now by placing one of these awesome little covers on you have the option of an additional 8 colours, Grey, Lime Green, Orange, Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Transparent or White. Why not buy a few different coloured covers and change your iStick whenever your mood changes and keep people guessing, "Is that a new iStick?".

Suppled with a charge port and OLED screen cut-out, give your iStick a fancy upgrade that'll also will protect for years to come.