EHPRO Billow X RTA Tank Glass




  • EHPRO Billow X RTA Tank


    • Type: Straight
    • Capacity: 4mL
    • ID: 24mm
    • OD: 27mm
    • Height: 22mm


    • Type: Bubble
    • Capacity: 5.5mL
    • ID: 24mm
    • OD: 27mm
    • OD: (middle) 30mm
    • Height: 22mm


    • 1 x Replacement Glass


    • Tank pictured not included, for identification purposes only.
      • Removal of all old glass fragments
      • Thoroughly clean tank components in warm water, including the removal of associated seals and O-rings.
      • Replace seals and or O-rings if supplied with replacement tank glass
      • Always replace the coil head when replacing the tank glass due to the possibility of fine glass fragments in the existing used coil head. Failure to do so may cause these fine glass fragments to be inhaled to your lungs.