DOVPO Blotto RTA Tank



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THE DOVPO BLOTTO RTA is a collaboration with well known YouTube reviewer Sam Parsons aka "The Vaping Bogan", so you could say it's part Aussie.......Bloody Ripper Mate!

The Blotto is all about flavour and versatility with 242 degree direct to coil airflow system and the ability to run single or dual coil builds.

This flexibility continues with three supplied tank glasses giving you switchability from 2mL and 6mL. The Blotto can be fully dissassembled for cleaning and maintenance, has top top refilling for ease of use, and a no leak design.

The Blotto even comes with a bottle opener, to go with the 'Aussie Beer Bottle Cap' design theme. So enjoy a nice cold beer with your new Dovpo Blotto RTA and give 3 cheers to The Bogan.

Main Features & Specifications
  • Suits Dual & Single Coil Builds
  • RDA Dripper Flavour Quality
  • 242°of Airflow Direct to the Coil/s
  • Fluid Capacity Switchable 2mL & 6mL
  • Dual Diffusion Airflow, Smooth Draw
  • Both Glass & Ultem Tank Options
  • Easy Top Fill
  • Bottle Opener Included FREE
  • Dimensions
    • Diameter:
      • 26mm (2mL)
      • 32mm (6mL)
    • Height: 54.50mm
  • Fluid Capacity
    • Straight Glass: 2mL
    • Bubble 'Fat Boy' Glass: 6mL
    • Bubble 'Fat Boy' Ultem PEI: 6mL
    Contents List

    • Replacement Parts
      •  Tank Glass
    • Warranty
      • 6 Months Manufacturers Replacement