Stainless E-Juice Bottle (SEB)

Coil Master

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The Coil Master SEB (Stainless E-Juice Bottle) is a must have for any serious vaper. The SEB is a 20mL stainless steel e-liquid storage, dispensing and transportation solution and is especially useful to those using RDA’s on a daily basis.

The Coil Master SEB features a full stainless steel exterior chassis combined with a polycarbonate interior sleeving for durability and purity. A wide surface area and spring loaded 'firing' mechanism allows a maximum flow rate of 1.25ml per button press, and can be throttled down as well as completely locked via the knurled adjustment ring, giving it the flexibility to deliver metered and precise increments of liquid into an RTA, RDA and all other tank systems. The precision tip features a spring loaded mechanism with a longer profile that balances accessibility with compatibility with higher VG based liquids. The juice capacity cut-out features mL readouts from 2~20mL, giving users immediate feedback as to the current capacity of the SEB. With a solid, extremely heavy duty chassis combined with a controlled delivery system, the Coil Master SEB is the ultimate accessory for carrying e-liquid.

The Techical Stuff

  • 20ml Juice Capacity
  • Pour and Fill
  • Stainless Steel Chassis
  • Polycarbonate Interior Casing
  • Filling with Citrus and Menthol Liquids May Cause Damage
  • Adjustable and Lockable Spring Loaded Mechanism
  • Fully Open Drops 1.25ml per Fire
  • Can Throttle Down and Adjust
  • Can Fully Lock
  • Knurled Ring
  • Precision Tip
  • Spring Loaded
  • Sub-Ohm Tank, RDA, and RTA Compatible
  • 26mm by 91.6mm Dimensions
  • Carabiner Top

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