Battery Protective Silicone Case

Coil Master

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Coil Master Battery Protective Silicone Cases provide your batteries with an extra level of protection against accidental damage that may result in serious injury, they're very effective but simple to use and store. You simply slip the negative end of the battery in through the open side towards the bottom of the case, then hold the keyring loop at the top of the case and slightly stretch it upwards until this supper section fully covers the postive end.

Battery safety is an important aspect of vaping, the Coil Master Protective Silicone Battery Cases will give you peace of mind whilst carrying these delicate and potentially dangerous items on yourself daily. Lastly, an integrated loop mentioned previously not only helps you to easly place your batteries within it but doubles as a very handy keyring loop so you'll always be able to have some charged batteries close by on your keys, never be left with a flat device again.

The Technical Stuff

  • Made of High Quality Food Grade Silicone
  • Handy Strong Moulded Key Ring Loop
  • Perfect for Long Term Storage & Protection
  • Four Distinctive Colours Available
    • Black
    • Camo
    • Red
    • Transparent
  • Hold Multiple Batteries as One Unit
    • Dual (18650 & 26650)
    • Triple (18650 only)
    • Quad (18650 Only)
  • Individual PET Sealed Packaging

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