CHUBBY GORILLA 60mL E-Liquid Bottle

Chubby Gorilla


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100% AUTHENTIC CHUBBY GORILLA E-LIQUID BOTTLES, engineered for a purpose and designed for a purpose. The 'Chubby Gorilla' is considered the best bottle to use for all juice blenders big or small, tested and certified, nothing else comes close to this high quality and safe bottle.

  • 100% Authentic Product
  • Capacity: 60mL
  • One Motion Assembly, All-in One SmartCap
  • Pre-Inserted Easy Removable Nozzle
  • Smooth HoverGLIDE Rotational Suspension Cap
  • Soft Squeeze Virgin PET Bottle
  • Lock-On Tamper Evident Break-Off Band
  • Inner Leak-Blocker Plug
  • Ease-Squeeze Construction for Consistent and Natural Flow Rate
  • Pressure Sealed Tested for Maximum Durability
  • CPSC Compliant Child Resistant Cap (16 CFR Title 16 Part 1700.15)
  • ISO 8317 Certified
  • Embossed with Proprietary, Signature Gorilla Logo as a Stamp of Absolute Quality and Authenticity
  • Designed & Engineered In The USA

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