ARAMAX Menthol Max Pod E-Liquid



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ARAMAX MENTHOL MAX POD E-LIQUID is traditional blend of light tobacco with an outstanding menthol hit, providing a natural aroma and maximum cooling refreshment. Aramax Vape Juice is blended to 50/50 ratio of VG/PG giving perfect balance between flavour and vapour production, especially suited to the latest compact Pod Vape Systems.

General Info & Specifications

  • Flavour Profile: Light Tobacco | Menthol
  • Cooling Effect: Yes
  • Blend Ratio: 50% VG - 50% PG
  • Diacetyl, Acetoin free
  • Temperature controlled cleanroom production
  • Detailed Safety Information
  • Quality Standards
  • Pre-washed bottles and spouts to ensure e-liquid purity
  • Vacuum testing to prevent any possible leakage
  • All Aramax products DO NOT contain nicotine (0mg), in compliance with Australian Federal Law.

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