Furytank Tank Seal



Anyvape Furytank base seal should be replaced on a regular basis, approximately every 20 coil head changes make sure you have a good seal between the Pyrex glass tank tube and the base section. Not only does this seal fit the Anyvape Furytank, thhe Aspire Nautilus, Atlantis & Atlantis V2 will also accept it, now you can upgrade your Aspire tanks with brightly coloured silicone seals instead of the mundane clear.

To change the seal you simply unscrew the base from the tank and remove the coil head, using a small flat head screwdriver gently 'flick' the old seal out. Before installing the new seal clean the tank base section and especially the surface the new seal will be seated on with warm water, wipe with a clean cloth and air dry. 

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