AIRISTECH Headbanger Loose Leaf Full Kit


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THE AIRISTECH HEADBANGER LOOSE LEAF FULL KIT utilises premium Q-Cell technology, it's all about quality hardware. A fritted quartz heating coil on the both Dip & Dab atomizer maximized the surface area to provide even heating. The body of the device is all made of high-end aluminium material weigh makes it a quality, durable and premium device. With this device, you will enjoy an unprecedented experience of wax vaporizer. 

Main Features & Specifications

  • Convenient Dip or Dab design
  • Dual Tank
    • Dab coil
    • Dip coil
  • Unique multifunctional wax vapor pen
  • Glass water bubbler airflow mouthpiece
  • Turn on/off: 5 times click on power button, then 3 times click for voltage adjustable
  • Heating method
    • Dab & Vape
    • Dip & Vape
  • Quartz Qcell heating chamber
  • Replaceable Parts
    • Glass water bubbler
    • Q2 Dab coil
    • Q1 Dip coil
    • Quartz jar