810 Full Resin Stumpy Drip Tip Model 0307


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The 810 Resin Stumpy Drip Tip model 0307 provides a superior feel when used with any compatible tank, they are a direct fit and perfect accessory option to the TFV8 & TFV12 range.

Made from high quality resin body they are also very tough and durable and will add that special look look to your setup.

Each drip tip is in an individual vacuum sealed package that assures you a clean unspoiled product, however we do recommend a rinse before first use and don't forget to put a few drops on the o-ring seal after cleaning and before fitment to your tank.
    • Smok TFV8
    • Smok TFV8 Big Baby Beast
    • Smok TFV12
    • Smok TFV12 Prince
    • Smok TFV12 Baby Prince
    • Most Other 810 Equipped Tanks/RTA's/RDA's

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